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A group of church members pray weekly for each prayer request that we receive.

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Good to Know the Lord

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Good to Know the Lord

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Rejoicing in Giving to God’s Work

Verse Since 1982, when Rejoice in the Lord began, many have labored faithfully to bring Rejoice to you. We hear from viewers daily who are thankful for this ministry, and we give God the glory, for this is truly His work. We are grateful to God for His provision through the years. He has touched the hearts of many who watch Rejoice to support the telecast. Your prayers and gifts to this viewer-supported ministry are a true manifestation of God’s grace in you. Christian giving is a natural result of having been forgiven so much when we acknowledge our sin and accept God’s great gift of salvation. Giving is a way to show others that we care for their eternal soul. Giving encourages those who are involved in spreading the gospel and edifying saints to continue in well doing. We are so thankful for the support our viewers have given to sustain the work of Rejoice in the Lord for over 30 years. Ask the Lord what He would have you do to help Rejoice continue God’s work for His glory.

Spring 2015 CD Offer

So Much God

So Much God includes 12 music favorites by the Rejoice Singers that are sure to provide much listening enjoyment at home or in the car. Request So Much God when you send a gift of $50 or more to help viewer-supported Rejoice in the Lord. Call 1-800-223-9727 or visit our donations page.

Viewer comment from the Internet“I get such a blessing each week from your telecast online. Dr. Joel Mullenix is so clear when delivering the Word, and I am so pleased to hear the hymns and all the wonderful music.”