Credit Card Security Code

Location: The credit card security code is the last three digits in the signature area on the back of the card as seen below:

Back of Credit Card

Purpose: The security code has been added by the credit card companies to help prevent fraud. Because the security code is neither stored on the magnetic strip nor embossed on the front of the card it is more difficult for your card to be used for fraudulent purposes.

Comment from Washington State

“I am a retired medical doctor who has been a regular viewer of Rejoice in the Lord for several years. You have become my Sunday evening service, and I thought it was time that I contributed to your production. I want you to know that I am very pleased with the Gospel messages that you regularly give out. I am especially pleased with your music program and regularly sing along. I love your soloists, quartets, and ensembles, too; but I am amazed with the choir selections. Your director has the ability to always find songs that are both beautiful and uplifting. So, I am enclosing a donation to your ministry and thank you for your faithfulness to the Gospel.”

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