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A group of church members pray weekly for each prayer request that we receive.

E-mail your prayer requests.

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Rejoice in the Lord

Rejoice Pastor Joel Mullenix

A weekly program viewed across the nation and around the world, this hour-long production originates from the Campus Church of Pensacola Christian College. Sound biblical messages from Dr. Joel Mullenix, Pastor of Rejoice, and heartwarming hymns have become favorites with our viewers.

Rejoice in the Lord comes to your local area through the gifts of our viewers. You can have a part in this vital ministry with your encouraging prayers, letters, and financial gifts. Only eternity will reveal the rich, spiritual dividends such an investment will reap.

Worthy of Glory

Rejoice CD Offer

Receive the Worthy of Glory CD when you send a gift of $50 or more to help viewer-supported Rejoice in the Lord.

To give, call 1-800-223-9727 or visit our Donations/Orders page and request your calendar today.

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Viewer comment from Washington State“I am a retired medical doctor who has been a regular viewer of Rejoice in the Lord for several years. You have become my Sunday evening service, and I thought it was time that I contributed to your production. I want you to know that I am very pleased with the Gospel messages that you regularly give out. I am especially pleased with your music program and regularly sing along. I love your soloists, quartets, and ensembles, too; but I am amazed with the choir selections. Your director has the ability to always find songs that are both beautiful and uplifting. So, I am enclosing a donation to your ministry and thank you for your faithfulness to the Gospel.”