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Therefore It Is Of Faith

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A group of church members pray weekly for each prayer request that we receive.

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Campus Church services are telecast across the nation and around the world on Rejoice in the Lord. Join the Campus Church congregation for music and messages brought from the Word of God by Dr. Joel Mullenix, Rejoice TV pastor. View the entire service online or download the sermon in an audio or video file. Average sermon length is 30 minutes.

Air Date
Sermon Only
Entire Service
Therefore It Is Of Faith 07/27/2014 Listen View View
JESUS and the World to Come 07/20/2014 Listen View View
Globalism 2200 BC 07/13/2014 Listen View View
JESUS Conformed to His Image 07/06/2014 Listen View View
JESUS No Condemnation 06/29/2014 Listen View View
JESUS Grace Abounding 06/22/2014 Listen View View
The Grace Wherein We Stand 06/15/2014 Listen View View

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Viewer comment from Virginia“I now call your church my church, and each week I find myself reviewing some of the things I heard the previous Sunday on the program. If Rejoice in the Lord were to go off the air, I would be so sad to have lost the source that gives me such a clear explanation of the Scriptures.”