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Fall Newsletter 2019

Much to Consider

When we are presented with information that is hard for us to grasp, it should cause us to stop, think, and try to improve our understanding. As you consider what seem to be contradictions about our Savior, let them give you much to consider about Him.

The One who is the Bread of Life began His ministry hungering. He who is the Water of Life ended His ministry thirsting. Christ hungered as man, yet fed the hungry as God. He thirsted as a man, yet is Living Water to all who will drink. He was weary as a man, yet offers rest to all who will come to Him. He stumbled under the weight of the cross, yet bears the weight of the world upon His shoulders. He wept at the funeral of Lazarus, yet is the One who wipes away our tears. He was sentenced to death by the Roman government, yet is the One who established human government. He was led as a sheep to the slaughter, but is the Good Shepherd. He died, and yet He ever lives. This is but the

tip of the iceberg when we consider the mystery of the God-Man, Jesus Christ. Born in a stable, yet came as the King. He had no place to lay His head, yet He is the Head of all. Jesus, the very Author of our faith, submitting Himself to this rugged storyline. Throughout Scripture, we are encouraged to “consider Him.”

For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself.
— Hebrews 12:3


Our mission at Rejoice in the Lord is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to a needy world. Help us move forward with that mission as you pray for and support this ministry.

Viewers Respond

“Thank you for your inspiring ministry, meaningful messages, and Scripture readings. We watch your program every Sunday evening. The music is so joyful. We sing along with you and appreciate the words on the screen. The choir, special groups, and instrumental music are glorious.”


“Thank you for the good messages and the music. Praise the Lord.”


“For several months now my sister and I have been watching Rejoice in the Lord. We enjoy the traditional church service and have enclosed a check to help keep the program on the air.”


“I cannot express in word how great it is to see the entire congregation sing and worship together. I tell everyone about this wonderful ministry. Your orchestra is outstanding and your choir is superb. Pastor is full of energy. You bring those of us watching closer to God and we can certainly feel His presence.”


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Comment from Nebraska

“I enjoy Rejoice on Sunday evening. There is so much reverence in the service. The singing is so good, and the messages preached are so uplifting. Christians are fed the Word of God, and the Word is preached so that sinners can be saved. Enclosed is a gift for this month. May the program stay on TV until He comes!”

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