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Spring Newsletter 2021


From a single television station in Pensacola, Florida, to national and international distribution via satellite and the internet, Rejoice in the Lord is thankful to begin its 40th year of ministry. In the early years, services were recorded in a small 600 seat auditorium (now the St. John Chapel). Over the years, as the ministry grew, we moved to the 3,500 seat Dale Horton Auditorium. Presently, we televise services from the 6,000 seat Crowne Centre. In all these years, with growth in facilities and congregation, even with 6 different pastors, the mission and purpose of Rejoice has remained the same. We desire to promote the cause of Christ through uplifting, inspirational music and through heartwarming Bible messages. Our purpose is to spread the gospel and encourage and edify Christians in their walk with the Lord. We do that on television, streaming on demand, and YouTube, by extending the ministry of Campus Church and Pensacola Christian College across America and around the world.

St. John Chapel 1981

Through the years, God has provided for the needs of this ministry through the gifts of His people who support this work. Your prayers and financial support are vital to enable Rejoice to continue to fulfill its mission and purpose. As we begin this 40th year of ministry, we look forward to what God will do as we continue to faithfully serve Him.

Dale Horton Auditorium 1988
Crowne Centre 2021

Viewers Respond...through the years

“We appreciate Rejoice in the Lord more and more as time goes by. We look forward to that hour every week. The young voices raised in song bless our souls and minds.” —Florida 1987

“What a blessing your ministry is to our household! We hurry home from our Sunday evening service so we can watch Rejoice in the Lord; the program is truly a ‘highlight’ of our day.” —Illinois 1991

Rejoice in the Lord is truly a program that enriches our lives and helps us worship God. The students and their music are a blessing, and the messages give us help and hope.” —Indiana 2000

“My dad watches your program, and it brings him much joy. He is the caretaker of my homebound mother. Dad called last night to let me hear her singing ‘Like a River Glorious,‘ with the congregation. It brought tears to my eyes! He mentioned your website so that I could view the very same service that she enjoyed. It was such a blessing.” —Internet 2005

“I have some EXCITING news to share with you! I have been watching Rejoice in the Lord for several months. After a recent program, I got down on my knees, confessed my sins, repented, and asked Jesus into my life. Thanks to God’s grace and mercy, you showed me God’s love. I am a new Christian because of your efforts. I am very grateful that you led me to the Lord. You are a blessing and an encouragement to me!” —Nebraska 2015


Unparalleled Journey book and CD
Unparalleled Journey

Rejoice has produced a second study guide and CD album to complete Pastor Redlin’s messages from Philippians chapters 3 and 4. The Unparalleled Journey series will help you discover the kind of joy that God intends for us to have every day of our lives.

These 14 messages, on 7 CDs, along with the companion study guide will deepen your understanding of spiritual truths and godly principles as you listen and complete the study guide.

For your gift of $60 or more to Rejoice in the Lord, we’ll send you the Unparalleled Journey study guide and CD album. If you did not request the first set from Philippians, Unimaginable Joy, you can request that as well for an additional $60 donation. Call 1-800-223-9727, or donate online.

Unimaginable Joy book and CD
Unimaginable Joy
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Comment from Pennsylvania

“Thank you for the Sunday services. It is a wonderful end to the Lord’s day. Each week I look forward to the creative, eloquent, challenging, and convicting messages.”

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