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Spring Newsletter 2019

Rejoice Welcomes Pastor Jeff Redlin

Dr. Jeff Redlin has been a friend of the Rejoice in the Lord ministry for decades. He graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 1987, then served as Campus Church’s youth pastor for 15 years. God then moved him to Colorado, where he pastored for 15 years.

Throughout 2018, Pastor Redlin had been praying for “God to use him to his greatest potential to influence others for Christ” assuming God would open new opportunities in his current ministry.

Meanwhile, at Campus Church, God had laid it on hearts that Pastor Redlin was the right person to serve as pastor. After much prayer and a vote from Campus Church members, the pulpit committee extended an invitation for the pastorate. Pastor Redlin follows a line of sound biblical preachers with whom the Lord has blessed Campus Church and Rejoice in the Lord.

We thank God for His faithfulness in supplying the pastor that we need at this time. Rejoice in the Lord is His work. From its first telecast on one local TV station in March 1982, to stations all across America and around the world by satellite and Internet today, we praise God for His blessings on this ministry. We are thankful for viewers like you who pray for us and support us so the gospel can be preached and Christians can be encouraged in their daily walk with the Lord. We rejoice in God’s provision and purpose to follow His leading each step of the way.

Pastor Jeff Redlin Preaching

How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things.
— Romans 10:15


Viewers Respond

“What a rich blessing your worship service has become in my life. The music selections and giftedness of the choir, quartets, and groups uplift my soul in praise and worship. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to exalt the name of Jesus Christ!”


“I have been so blessed by Rejoice in the Lord. I am no longer able to attend services and Rejoice in the Lord is my Sunday evening service. I love the hymns, and the choir, orchestra and specials are always beautiful and inspiring. I also love the reading of the Scriptures in the beautiful flowing King James Version and the Biblically-based sermons.”


“Thank you ever so much for your worship service broadcast on TV. It is indeed a joy to me and my wife, who has dementia. I wish you could see the change in her when she hears and actually sings our favorite God-honoring hymns. Sometimes she’ll just hum, but still, the change in attitude and personality is a wonderful blessing from God. Many thanks and prayers for your wonderful gospel outreach.”


“Thank you for the beautiful music that Rejoice in the Lord blesses us with each Sunday. Every week we are encouraged by the soloists, duets, and small group ensembles. The sermons are so timely and each one touches our heart in very special ways.”


Spring 2019 CD Offer—He Still Speaks

He Still Speaks CD

He Still Speaks includes 12 uplifting gospel songs that will encourage you as you listen. Your gift of $50 or more to Rejoice in the Lord will help sustain this ministry in your area.

Complete and return the enclosed reply card, call 1-800-223-9727, or visit RejoiceTV.org to request the He Still Speaks CD .

Comment from Michigan

“How we love and are blessed by your TV program! We can’t wait until Sunday evening to hear the lovely hymns and straight preaching from the Word. Thank you so much. Keep preaching the truth!”

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