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Spring Newsletter 2021


“For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.”
PSALM 119:89

Have you ever strolled along a trail or driven down the highway on a moonlit night? Notice how the moon appears to move along with you. It looks as though the moon keeps pace to match our own. Of course, we recognize that the path of the moon has been established and settled by God. It is not following us. Regrettably, some today have attempted to force the Word of God to become that which is movable instead of settled, fluid instead of solid. However, the Bible refutes this notion strongly. In Psalm 119, the Bible records:

“Concerning thy testimonies, I have known of old that thou hast founded them for ever.”
PSALM 119:152

“Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.”
PSALM 119:160

While some may suppose that the Word of God changes with the times, we can rest assured that God’s Word is settled and His promises are sure. What a great comfort it is to have confidence and assurance in the truth of Scripture. Rejoice in the Lord is dedicated to proclaiming the good news of the gospel. We are thankful for your faithful support of this ministry.

Viewers Respond

“Your service is such a blessing to us. We love the traditional service and especially the wonderful messages the pastor preaches each week. The music is outstanding and we cannot thank you enough for the privilege of worshiping with you each Sunday.”


“Thank you for the Rejoice in the Lord television broadcast. I view the program most every Sunday here in the Richmond, Virginia, area. Everything is so inspirational—the blended congregational singing, the choir, orchestra, special music, and especially the great messages from Pastor Redlin. Thank you for all you do.”


“My wife and I look forward to your telecast each week. Pastor’s sermons are a blessing and inspiration to us. We like the songs as there is a mix of old and new.”


“We praise the Lord for the faithful ministry of Rejoice in the Lord. The singing of the traditional hymns has been a source of encouragement to us. We sing along as though we are right in your congregation. The songs sung by the choir and other groups and the instrumental numbers that exalt the Lord Jesus Christ have made our worship time with you something we look forward to each Lord’s day.”


“What a blessing your worship services are to us. We are no longer able to attend evening services at our local church so we enjoy watching Rejoice in the Lord. We appreciate the ministry of the Word, and we enjoy the music so much. It is so refreshing to hear beautiful Christian music with a message.”


Unimaginable Joy Study Guide & CD Album Set Volume 1

Unimaginable Joy

Rejoice is pleased to offer a new resource for your continued study in Philippians. As a companion to Pastor Redlin’s 14 sermons from the first two chapters of Philippians, we have created a study guide along with audio of the messages on 7 CDs. The study guide and accompanying CDs will help reinforce scriptural truths from Philippians that will help you learn how to have unimaginable joy in your walk with the Lord.

The Unimaginable Joy Study Guide & CD Album Set is yours for a gift of $60 or more to Rejoice in the Lord. Call 1-800-223-9727 or donate online.

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Comment from Pennsylvania

“Thank you ever so much for your worship service broadcast on TV. It is indeed a joy to me and my wife, who has dementia. I wish you could see the change in her when she hears and actually sings our favorite God-honoring hymns. Sometimes she’ll just hum, but still, the change in attitude and personality is a wonderful blessing from God. Many thanks and prayers for your wonderful gospel outreach.”

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