About Rejoice in the Lord

Each hour-long service begins with Christ-honoring music, followed by a sermon from God’s Word. Viewers across America and around the world look forward to the preaching ministry of Pastor Jeff Redlin.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote the cause of Christ through inspirational music and heartwarming Bible messages.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to spread the gospel and encourage Christians in their daily walk with the Lord by extending the ministry of Campus Church and Pensacola Christian College to viewers across America and around the world.

Rejoice has been ministering for over 40 Years

From a single television station in Pensacola, Florida, to national and international distribution via satellite and the internet, Rejoice in the Lord is thankful for over 40 years of ministry. In the early years, Campus Church services were recorded in a small 600-seat auditorium (now the St. John Chapel). Over the years, as the church grew, we moved to the 3,500-seat Dale Horton Auditorium. Presently, we televise services from the 6,000-seat Crowne Centre. In all these years, with growth in facilities and congregation, even with 6 different pastors, the mission and purpose of Rejoice has remained the same. We desire to exalt Jesus Christ through uplifting music and messages from God’s Word. Our purpose is to spread the gospel and encourage and edify Christians in their walk with the Lord. We do that on television, streaming, and YouTube.

Through the years, God has provided for the needs of this ministry through the gifts of His people who support this work. Your prayers and financial support are vital to enable Rejoice to continue to fulfill its mission and purpose. We look forward to what God will do as we continue to faithfully serve Him.